Coos County, New Hampshire

The Empower Coos Youth public awareness campaign was inspired by the idea of having students directly engaged in development strategies for sharing data on the attitudes, aspirations, and experiences of Coos youth—exploring family, school, and community relationships—with the broader Coos community. Acting in the role of executive director, Groundswell Consulting:

+ Collaborated with researchers to build a logic model based on research findings in order to increase community awareness and engagement
+ Recruited participants from all Coos County high schools to design, plan, and implement a public awareness campaign
+ Facilitated inquiry-based focus groups to examine the youth perspective on the data findings, as well as to explore and document their on-the-ground experiences living in Coos County
+ Synthesized student input to inform the design of campaign images and vehicles for dissemination, including a website
+ Identified metrics for campaign success using web-based analytics and qualitative feedback from the community to evaluate successes and challenges