Chicago, Illinois

The Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative (ASHHI) was a national program sponsored by The Kresge Foundation to address health issues that derive—all or in part—from in-home environmental hazards. The program engaged organizations at the federal, state, and local levels to accelerate the diffusion of healthy home models and improve the health of vulnerable populations across the United States. At the culmination of the three-year funding period, the Kresge Foundation convened all the grantee leadership teams from across the nation to process their learning, map what comes next, and celebrate their achievements. Groundswell's facilitation support was essential in:

+ Identifying and celebrating ASHHI's accomplishments
+ Reflecting on lessons the organization learned and consequent implications for the future
+ Sharing what’s on the horizon for healthy homes from a national perspective
+ Continuing to strengthen the relationships forged during this collaboration.