Strategic Planning

The Groundswell approach starts with the notion that strategic planning is a practice, not an event. Using a consensus-building process designed to engage all stakeholders, we will establish strategic directions, identify goals, assign leadership, and design a followup strategy.

Through the strategic planning process, we will:

+ Align visions within the group for the future
+ Shape questions that stimulate candid feedback and discussion
+ Tackle the roadblocks impeding progress and growth
+ Assemble a plan that participants feel excited for and ownership over
+ Save time and money with increased productivity

Mediation + Negotiation

Many of the problems plaguing individuals and organizations alike stem from a resistance to, or fear of, addressing conflict. Individuals and organizations spend significant time avoiding conflict—as well as managing the consequences of conflict—without ever directly addressing it. To help build an opportunity for thoughtful and measured conversations and resolutions, Groundswell's means of mediation and negotiation creates a space to:

+ Assess both the situation and the organization
+ Facilitate complex and controversial discussions
+ Build individual and organizational capacity for communication and conflict resolution


Capacity Building

Whether within a group, organization, or community, there are times when current needs and future goals exceed present capacity. The Groundswell team works with clients to:

+ Identify gaps in capacity and develop the strategies and skills necessary to fill them
+ Train, assess, and recruit board members
+ Coach new and existing executive staff
+ Manage the hiring process
+ Plan a line of future succession
+ Serve as interim Executive Director


Community Engagement

+ Data collection, analysis, and reporting
+ Strategy design, workshop development, and facilitation
+ Communication services, including building campaigns and social media management

Philanthropy Advising

+ Research and analysis
+ Grants management
+ Administration and management services for committees