The Team

Sasha Tracy is a creative problem solver, organizer, facilitator, and mediator. She works with leaders, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and communities across New England to create consensus-driven models for change. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersections between place-based values and resilient systems. Sasha’s professional practice is rooted in collaborative problem solving, engaging collective wisdom to create high-impact solutions that address the root causes of conflict and build strong networks within organizations and between diverse stakeholder groups.

Her experience includes over 10 years working on the nonprofit and philanthropic sides of the social sector, engaging in both consultant and senior leadership roles for mid-sized nonprofit organizations, as well as for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Sasha enjoys running long distances, climbing vertical rock faces, playing in the waves…and really any excuse to be active and outdoors. She is a collector of cookbooks and film cameras, and is caretaker of beehives and over 200 heirloom apple trees. Currently, her favorite lost and found apple is the Roxbury Russet.


Janet Wilkinson’s expertise includes: project management, marketing, writing, and outdoor education. Janet has a passion for climbing, mountain sports, and puttering in the gardens, fields, and forest surrounding home with her partner Freddie, their children and beloved pup, Elsa.

Genevieve Johnson is research maven, educator, artist, and youth organizer, consummate in the unique ability to devise on-the-spot creative, playful ways to engage groups of all ages. When she is not exploring the intersection between creative practice and community engagement.

Beth Taylor is a designer, artist, and educator. As Longstocking Design, Beth uses strategic thinking and creative vision to create signature design work for nonprofits, small businesses, and arts, cultural, and educational initiatives.